Episode 67: Lumpen and Kimmi chat a little about the new WoW token and then discuss a little gold. Or, rather, a lot of it.

  • WoW Token update
    • It has settled in between 20-25k
    • Wowtoken.info/@wowtokens for updates
    • Talk about the process of buying
    • I probably won’t pay for WoW again – Paid up through July now, probably 30 days at a time
  • Gold capped!
    • Professions impressions
      • Enchanting
        • Current enchants sell, but profit margins are slim on most
        • MoP enchants still sell well, very cost effective
      • Inscription
        • Tarots sell well and have maintained value
        • I look for the one with highest profit margin and craft that one
      • Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy
        • Profit margins on gear are largely negative
        • Essences have a profit margin, but it’s low
        • Stone of Fire is best use of Alchemy, but it might take a while to move for a decent margin and is high risk
        • Jewelcrafting building is only good for daily quest IMO
        • Profit margins on most everything else is negative
    • Other things I did
      • Generate Savage Blood and Temporal Crystal to feed my main money generators – 2x enchanting hut, mine/herb on 2x, traders when reasonable
      • Missions on 3x toons with minimum of 4 treasure hunters
      • Salvage yard on 2x
      • Trading post – 4 resource Draenic Dust = 1g per Garrison Resource


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Episode 66: Lumpen and Kimmi talk about raid progress and share some must have addons. They also discuss the new tokens along with some other miscellaneous points of interest, including some Gnomish awesomeness.

  • Kimmi’s picture drawn by Faebelina


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Lumpen: @lumpythegnome          Kimmi: @friarkimmi

Episode 65: Lumpen and Kimmi some discuss some handy dandy tools and information available at askmrrobot.com and wrap with some general discussion and news.

  • New Ask Mr. Robot feature – DPS Percentile data
    • At the bottom of your character overview panel
    • Views for specific bosses or raids (current tier)
    • Graph types – DPS, DPS%, DPS% ilvl and spec, DPS% (Detailed), same for healers (HPS), not enough data for some tanks
    • I like detailed best, because it takes into account trinkets, tier sets, and legendary progess
  • AMR Talent and glyph tool – Go to Combat logs, Statistics, talents and glyphs in first dropdown
  • Garrison building thoughts
    • Tearing down salvage yard on alts
      • Transmog gear market is saturated
      • Drop rate on epics is very low after the loot change
    • New 3 small config – 2 primary professions plus enchanting building
    • Lumpen is still 2 prof plus salvage yard
    • Inn is nearing useless on Lumpen – Glad Sanctum?, leaving on alts for follower recruiting
    • Watch for 4x garrison resource days on mats you need from trader
    • Follower leveling from work orders is awesome – 90-96 in 5 days
  • Ilvl bonus affected legendary rings too – up to 715 from 710, alt drop rate is confirmed boosted for legendary items
  • Raid team update
  • iTunes episode oddity – finally showed up a couple of days ago


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My bunny trail this morning went from the animal hospital to Spies Like Us. For you younger people, Spies Like Us is a funny movie from 1985 with Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd.

So, this morning as I drove by our local animal hospital I saw their sign said 10% off grooming.

Oh, they have groomers on staff. Makes sense, they do a lot of business.

They probably don’t just set up shop inside as a groomer all day do they? Like at Petsmart?

I wonder if they are like general staff and do other things, too. That would be funny. The doctor would have to call them to shave the animals to prep them for surgery.

Shave the patient!

Then the scene in the tent from Spies Like Us played in my head.

“I will now shave the patient.”

Hahahahahahaha   I should watch that again soon.

Wow. That was a funny jump. I should share that.

Come on, I know my brain can’t be the only one that does this. LoL



Okay, so I was a little off on the quote, but still. LOL


Episode 64: Lumpen and Kimmi are back. And very sorry for the extended absence. They talk about what they were going to talk about, then move on to the latest happenings and another big, crazy Kimmi idea.

Old Links:

New Notes:

  • Our long absence
  • Raid team update – 5/10 heroic BRF
  • Blackrock Foundry ilvl increase
  • Blood Legion calls it quits -



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