#8 – The Gnome With the Golden Bun(ny)

This eighth week we talk a little about raiding and Kimmi’s big oopsie of the week. We also find out how Lumpen did with trying fire again and then Lumpen shares the much easier and less painful way to do your pet battling. Extra notes and the link are at the bottom as promised.


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Getting started with pet battles
  • If you haven’t already, go to Stormwind and train pet battles
  • start with 1 slot, grows to 3 at level 5
  • each pet has 3 ability slots – 2 abilities per slot at this point, unlocks as you level
  • Turn on track pets to see pets you can fight on the minimap
  • after you complete the trainer battle quests, it unlocks dailies
  • goal is to get a few 25s as quickly as possible, then get your favorites leveled

Don’t Grind!!


  • http://tamerliopleurodon.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/cascading-a-pet-leveling-technique/
  • this works better with fast flying
  • Start with a level 1 and battle around Elwynn forest (can be anywhere, but this is shorter)
  • Capture any greens or blues you find and equip them
  • Go to Westfall and do the same, capturing higher level greens and blues as you go
  • Grab 5s with 4s, 6s with 5s, etc.  go to the next zone when you have a team full of that zone’s max level pets
  • after 12s, go to deadwind pass and tame a full team of arcane eyes
  • take that team to shattrath and tame 18s and 19s
  • take 18s and 19s and go to dragonblight
  • buzzards around bone piles are good flyers
  • Wait until you have 22s to go to Pandaria
  • at this point, you can swap in one of the pets you want to level


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