#12 – Another Quantum of Addons

Here we are at episode 12. We talk a little about our weeks including Darkmoon Faire goodness and questing in Stonetalon Mountains. We then continue discussing addons by highlighting the top five we each can’t live without. A handy reference for all of the addons and downloaders that we have discussed will be up on the website soon.

Our Top 5 Addons:


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  1. First, I’m quite enjoying your podcasts. Keep it up.

    Second, please consider spelling out funny terms. I was trying to find the add-a-bag addon discussed and couldn’t find it. After doing some googling, I now think you are recommending Adibag and I look forward to trying it out.

    1. @Rachael Thanks for pointing that out. I intended to post links to all of the add-ons mentioned and completely forgot. I’ll update the show post with it. You are correct on Adibags. That’s the one!


  2. Me again. I’ve greatly enjoyed exploring most of the addons you recommended (that I didn’t already have).

    My WoW playing family has completely adopted Adibags, though I ultimately stayed with ArkInventory (very similar but a long set up process).

    I got back into Tradeskillmaster and finally set it up correctly. Yeah!

    I ultimately did not like ElvUI. You cannot just test it. Nor does it uninstall cleanly. Their website was remarkably unhelpful on the subject of uninstalling.

    Thanks again!

    1. I’m glad you found something that you liked. I’ve never honestly tried to uninstall ElvUI. I just backed up my addon and WTF folders and dropped them back in when I was done.

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