#14 – Gnomes Are Forever

We are on episode 14 and a day early to boot!  This week’s mini-chat includes Kimmi’s show title snaffoo, awesome raid news, a helpful stat building tip, and better details about our first contest. Then Kimmi embarks on a quest to enlighten listeners with the history of the gnomes we love so dearly.

 Ask Mr. Robot Guide to Simulationcraft


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  1. Gnomish society is based on a meritocracy, with the title of the leader being “High Tinker”. In a Meritocracy, the leader is determined by their contributions not only to their people, but other races. Gelbin attained this title by inventing the mechanostrider and the Deep Run Tram, amongst other things.

      1. =D Not a problem. As a player in an all Gnome Guild, we end up discussing a lot of gnomish topics that not a lot of people really consider (what are Gnomish burial rituals, if any? What is said at a Gnomish marriage?) And we’re on an RP server, so knowing Gnomish Lore – what little there is of it – ends up being required knowledge.

        In spite of what Blizz says, I tend to believe that Gnomes *would* archive knowledge. Not necessarily history, per se. I doubt they would take it to the extent that the Dwarves have. But keep books and scrolls of previous experiments? Yes.

        But that’s just my opinion.

        ~ Brix

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