#18 – Goldfinger

We’re up to 18!  This week Lumpen and Kimmi talk a little about raiding and leveling gnomes, as well as new trailers, a fun video, and super cool beta access. The subject of the week is how WoW players can start to get their fingers on some gold.

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See the Hump Day Remix here!

Watch the Patch 5.4 trailer here!

Watch the Diablo 3 expansion trailer here.

Links mentioned in the show: Undermine Journal, WoWuction, Podcast Directory


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  1. Hey you gnomes, I love the show. I just recently resubbed to WoW after a six month hiatus, due in large part to you guys. I have played off and on for three years in a very small family and friends guild. We were never ever to raid together, and I personally have never raided outside of LFR. My guildees often would get burned out, and, because playing alone is never fun, I would unsubscribe when they did. I have always wanted to experience raiding, and hearing of your experiences of transferring realms to get in CtR and your raiding progress made me excited to play again. I have rolled a toon on Aerie Peak, and I hope to soon transfer my main over to join CtR and get my first chance at raiding.
    As a side note, I was late to this whole podcast tournament that is going on. I was disappointed that Lumpen didn’t make the cut, and you have my vote Kimmi. If you don’t win, it is only because the contest is obviously rigged. Keep up the fantastic work, and please give me more episodes!
    /hug gnome

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