#59 – Level 100 Elite Gnomish Commanders

Episode 59: The mains are 100 and we’ve started raiding! What’s going on?

  • Level 100 thoughts
    • Dungeons
      • Grimrail
      • Everbloom
      • UBRS
    • Apexis dailies
    • Garrison
      • Invasions
      • Followers/Missions/Salvage
    • Specs – buffs/nerfs
  • Guildaudit.com
  • Kimmi notes –

Sad to change hearthstone

2 gnome bankers in Stormshield – Dinfink Steamspan and Bert Coinsplitter

Sappy, Pepe the bird

Spectral gnome from trailer – spires of arak, dog on stairs is Rooby Roo, buy the rooby rack from the butcher

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