#60 – Leper Gnomes

Episode 60: Lumpen and Kimmi have been sick and holiday podcast plans were thwarted, but have no fear, episode 60 is here!

  • Raid team update – 5/7 Normal, 1/7 Heroic
  • WoW in the new year
    • Legendary follower
    • More legendary quest stuff
    • Tweet from inside wow
    • Better flight paths
    • More garrison stuff
      • Visitor rewards and random tasks
      • New items for Garrison resources
      • New missions for new rewards
      • New garrison invasion difficulty
      • Profession building missions
    • Buy tradable tokens for game time
    • Heirlooms
      • Account-wide collection UI
      • Clear purchase/upgrade path for all items
      • Base level heirlooms purchasable from vendors
      • Upgrade tokens available through other content
    • War games skirmished for online tournaments
    • Blood Elf models
    • Better Ashran matchmaking and new content
    • Foundry in Feb likely
  • Happy holidays!


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