#62 – Gnomegath Butcherfist

Episode 62: The people have spoken! Lumpen and Kimmi talk a little about the latest PTR news and then serve up the first two boss guides.

  • 6.1 PTR is up
    • Savage Blood transmute
    • Upgrade stage 4 added – Goes to 680
    • New Alchemy trinkets – primary stat procs
    • 125 food
    • Tons of mission and follower changes
  • Raid guides – http://imgur.com/a/mUvLO
    • Kargath
      • Arena Floor
        • Pits – don’t fall in, position to avoid knockbacks
        • Skulls/fire – always be close to one in case you get fixated
        • Spread out because of blade dance
        • Tanks switch every other impale
      • Arena stands
        • Chain hurl throws five closest into the stands
        • Kill everything! If you don’t, there will be bombs and poisons
      • Hero on the pull
    • Butcher
      • Tanks stand on top of one another and switch on every other Tenderizer
      • Cleaver is a 30 second dot and can be dodged or otherwise avoided
      • Fight is all about managing Gushing Wounds
        • He Cleaves the biggest group applying the dot
        • Split group evenly, then send three/four to third group
        • Ranged players move away from their group to make the other the biggest when dot gets to 3 (2 after frenzy)
      • Bounding cleave
        • Every 60s (30s after frenzy), everyone gets knocked back
        • Third group forms up to take the cleave, then the other groups get back in position afterward
      • Hero at 30%
  • Built barracks, have gnome guards!
  • Raid team update
    • 4/7 heroic, 6/7 normal


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