#63 – Twin Gnomeron

Episode 63: This week Lumpen and Kimmi go over a few things from the official patch notes and give their guide for Twin Orgron. As usual, there are some other fun bits, too.

  • Twin Ogron guide
    • Twins!
    • Pol
      • Shield Bash – normal ability
      • Shield charge – don’t stand in his path – DoT if you’re hit
      • Interrupting shout – stop casting
      • Pulverize – swirly circles – don’t stand in them, give large circle a wide berth
    • Avoid all of that – win!
  • RCLC versioning is really important
  • Raid team update
  • Rinadar: So, a Tauren walks into a bar.  He walks up to the Innkeeper and orders an ale.  Just as he’s reaching for it, <POOF!> he’s four feet tall, with pink hair.  Then, just as suddenly, he’s back to his normal size. “Dude,”  says the Inkeeper, “I think your toon is glitching.” “Yeah,” grumbles the Tauren.  “It’s a Gnome issue.”


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