Kimmi Bunny Trail – Animal Hospital to Spies Like Us

My bunny trail this morning went from the animal hospital to Spies Like Us. For you younger people, Spies Like Us is a funny movie from 1985 with Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd.

So, this morning as I drove by our local animal hospital I saw their sign said 10% off grooming.

Oh, they have groomers on staff. Makes sense, they do a lot of business.

They probably don’t just set up shop inside as a groomer all day do they? Like at Petsmart?

I wonder if they are like general staff and do other things, too. That would be funny. The doctor would have to call them to shave the animals to prep them for surgery.

Shave the patient!

Then the scene in the tent from Spies Like Us played in my head.

“I will now shave the patient.”

Hahahahahahaha   I should watch that again soon.

Wow. That was a funny jump. I should share that.

Come on, I know my brain can’t be the only one that does this. LoL



Okay, so I was a little off on the quote, but still. LOL


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