#65 – Ask Mr. Gnomebot

Episode 65: Lumpen and Kimmi some discuss some handy dandy tools and information available at askmrrobot.com and wrap with some general discussion and news.

  • New Ask Mr. Robot feature – DPS Percentile data
    • At the bottom of your character overview panel
    • Views for specific bosses or raids (current tier)
    • Graph types – DPS, DPS%, DPS% ilvl and spec, DPS% (Detailed), same for healers (HPS), not enough data for some tanks
    • I like detailed best, because it takes into account trinkets, tier sets, and legendary progess
  • AMR Talent and glyph tool – Go to Combat logs, Statistics, talents and glyphs in first dropdown
  • Garrison building thoughts
    • Tearing down salvage yard on alts
      • Transmog gear market is saturated
      • Drop rate on epics is very low after the loot change
    • New 3 small config – 2 primary professions plus enchanting building
    • Lumpen is still 2 prof plus salvage yard
    • Inn is nearing useless on Lumpen – Glad Sanctum?, leaving on alts for follower recruiting
    • Watch for 4x garrison resource days on mats you need from trader
    • Follower leveling from work orders is awesome – 90-96 in 5 days
  • Ilvl bonus affected legendary rings too – up to 715 from 710, alt drop rate is confirmed boosted for legendary items
  • Raid team update
  • iTunes episode oddity – finally showed up a couple of days ago


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