#67 – Scrooge McGnome

Episode 67: Lumpen and Kimmi chat a little about the new WoW token and then discuss a little gold. Or, rather, a lot of it.

  • WoW Token update
    • It has settled in between 20-25k
    • Wowtoken.info/@wowtokens for updates
    • Talk about the process of buying
    • I probably won’t pay for WoW again – Paid up through July now, probably 30 days at a time
  • Gold capped!
    • Professions impressions
      • Enchanting
        • Current enchants sell, but profit margins are slim on most
        • MoP enchants still sell well, very cost effective
      • Inscription
        • Tarots sell well and have maintained value
        • I look for the one with highest profit margin and craft that one
      • Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy
        • Profit margins on gear are largely negative
        • Essences have a profit margin, but it’s low
        • Stone of Fire is best use of Alchemy, but it might take a while to move for a decent margin and is high risk
        • Jewelcrafting building is only good for daily quest IMO
        • Profit margins on most everything else is negative
    • Other things I did
      • Generate Savage Blood and Temporal Crystal to feed my main money generators – 2x enchanting hut, mine/herb on 2x, traders when reasonable
      • Missions on 3x toons with minimum of 4 treasure hunters
      • Salvage yard on 2x
      • Trading post – 4 resource Draenic Dust = 1g per Garrison Resource


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