#72 – Blame Kimmi

Episode 72: The show is insanely late. We recorded it September 13th. Blame Kimmi. As usual, she apologizes profusely. (FYI: Raid team is 12 of 13 now.)

  • Raid team update
  • http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/5123-Dragoncon-2015-Recap-September-4-Hotfixes-Blue-Tweets-Rexxar-Spotlight-Final-Boss
    • Demon Hunters are starting at Level 98 right now.
    • Survival Hunters will get a Harpoon ability that allows them to throw a spear to pull mobs towards them.
    • No new major glyphs will be added.
    • No Gnome hunters yet, maybe when it makes sense to add them.
    • There will be a “single system” to upgrade profession items. The current item will be destroyed, giving you a reagent needed for the upgrade (Obliterium).
    • A new team will be working on professions this time, including profession quest lines.
    • Professions will get some crafting items from dungeon loot.
    • Professions won’t have daily cooldowns.
    • If the new transmog system is account wide, the item must be usable by the class trying to use it.
    • No tabard tab is currently planned, but the new transmog system should help to clear up some space.
    • Multistrike is being removed and other secondary stats will have changes as well.
    • Players can still only equip three profession crafted items.
    • Warlords was not a filler expansion and built some things that will be used going forward.
    • The backpack might be updated.
    • The Park in Stormwind won’t be repaired yet.
    • There are plans for Jaina.
  • Anything goes

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