Episode 58: WoD is here! Lumpen and Kimmi talk about their first impressions of the expansion and share some tips and observations. Of course, there are tons of things to talk about and not enough time, so this is just the beginning.

(Was also uncut for time’s sake, FYI.)

Age of Iron trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8negZtIgH8

Launch issues

Lagasaurus rex!


Lots of problems, cool tech to fix it, and restitution

Garrison impressions



Mine at 92, herb garden at 96




Lots to do – events, rares, treasures

Opening event in Tanaan

Shadowmoon valley





Velen, Shattrath

widescreen style with text at bottom


Opening cinematic was really cool

Water was really pretty when Kadghar broke the dam


Get something per kill for quests for the most part

PSA for #WoD players in awe with the environment:

Use the ‘/console screenshotQuality 10’ command for better picture quality.

Khadgar’s tower, guardian should honor reputation


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Episode 57: Kimmi is back one more time to finish up her highlights from BlizzCon and share another BIG idea.

  • Winner of the movie contest – The Sore Loser – Gnomes!!
  • Rap group – Have No Fear – Alliance
  • Costumes – Leeroy Jenkins, Druid in travel form, John as Jaina, Lady Vosh, tauren priest, Rath Sonjia, Darkmoon mage, Arracoa, treasure goblin, abomination, Prophet Velen, Covetous Shen, Sunwell mage, Deathwing and Druid, crusader, Tier 2 priest, crusader accon?, Tier 6 priest, Darkmoon carnie, grand marshall Palladin, heroism set, Countess Von Kerrigan, LoGosh, Lady Ragnaros, dark cultist, Tyrande Whisperwind, Countess Kerrigan, guardian of Cenarius, Tier 9 Palladin, Akilzon?, Nexxus Queen, Lady Velen, Tier 13 mage timelord regalia, Zegara, roller derby brova?, computer nerd? Lol (South Park), achievement, faerie dragon, Horde siege tank, Ebon Hold ambassador, D3 witch doctor, cataclytic gladiator vestment, Uther, Lich King, Defias, Cuddle Bear, roller derby nova, death maiden, nova, daughter of cenarius, demon hunter nova, Tyrande?, Malfurion Stormrage, Blood Elf Priest, level 2 witch doctor noob, merciless gladiator warlock, dread raven armor, Alextraza, corruptor rainment, crimson embersilk battle gear, Lorathnar, Diablo, archangel, Lolita Garrosh, Night Elf Hunter, Lady Silvanas Windrunner, Hathor, Human Death Knight, Palladin lightbringer armor, D3 barbarian boneweave armor, Alextraza, Tuer 5 priest, Scourge stalker Night Elf Hunter, Warsong commander, Garrosh Hellscream, Valeera Sanguinar?, tier 6 mage tempest regalia, tier 4 priest rainment of incarnate, Death Knight, warlock in demon form, Death Knight, holy warrior Palladin, Rexxar and Misha?, witch doctor, crusader, ??, Valeera, Sylvannas, D2 necromancer, Miriam the mystic, tier 1 orc peon, tier 2 Palladin judgement armor, tier 13 warrior collossal dragonplate, Malthael, Vindicator Irael?, Hearthstone card, Gnome engineer, D3 Monk, treasure goblin, crusader’s shield bearer, Blood Elf Warlock, Grommash Hellscream, Lich King, crusader, Malthael, Chromee!!, Tier 13 Death Knight heroic, tier 16 Palladin, Nalamata?, Mercy from OverWatch, Widowmaker from OverWatch, Pajamathur?, Gromstalker armor, D3 wizard and Arthas Barbarian, Vereesa Windrunner, Malfurion Stormrage, Human Warlock nemesis rainment, Ghost, ??, Orgrimmar guard, Winner – Grand Empress Shek’zeer


  • Movie Panel – Actor talked about motion capture, Blizz cinematics on crack, Metzen talked about seeing the set, Kimmi’s BIG idea
  • WoW Q & A – guild garrison, portal roulette, missing area, addon cloud storage, transmog streamlining
  • Cinematics panel


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Episode 56: Kimmi actually did it! That’s right! Kimmi actually recorded and released a mini episode to share some news from the first day of BlizzCon.


It’s Blizzcon week!

  • Awesome opening, watch for free at blizzcon.com
  • Hearthstone expansion – Goblins and Gnomes
  • New game – OverWatch
  • Movie presentation
  • WoW items, class changes and more

Raid set tokens directly convert into items

Gem slots are all prismatic?

Food, gems, & enchants all secondary stats

Quest loot has a chance to roll rare or epic

Matt Goss – lead items designer – gnome love

Gnome hate from attendee


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Episode 55: Lumpen and Kimmi give their impressions on the patch and all of the changes. They also highlight a few addons, Lumpen gets a new keyboard, and then rubs salt in Kimmi’s wound. The show was actually recorded over a week ago, but Kimmi had trouble getting quiet time to edit. We do apologize.


Our weeks in WoW

  • 6.02 observations
    • Questing event is weak
    • UBRS was forgettable – did once
    • Spec changes/item squish – impressions
  • Difficulty changes
    • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Glory of the Pandaria Hero
    • Glory of the Cataclysm Hero
    • Isle of Giants
    • Raid soloing
      • Onyxia
      • Malygos
      • Firelands
      • VoA
  • Other stuff we did
    • Horseman mount
    • Addons, elvui
    • Elixir
    • New keyboard – Razer BlackWidow Stealth Ultimate 2014
    • BlizzCon – Metallica


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