Episode 67: Lumpen and Kimmi chat a little about the new WoW token and then discuss a little gold. Or, rather, a lot of it.

  • WoW Token update
    • It has settled in between 20-25k
    • Wowtoken.info/@wowtokens for updates
    • Talk about the process of buying
    • I probably won’t pay for WoW again – Paid up through July now, probably 30 days at a time
  • Gold capped!
    • Professions impressions
      • Enchanting
        • Current enchants sell, but profit margins are slim on most
        • MoP enchants still sell well, very cost effective
      • Inscription
        • Tarots sell well and have maintained value
        • I look for the one with highest profit margin and craft that one
      • Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy
        • Profit margins on gear are largely negative
        • Essences have a profit margin, but it’s low
        • Stone of Fire is best use of Alchemy, but it might take a while to move for a decent margin and is high risk
        • Jewelcrafting building is only good for daily quest IMO
        • Profit margins on most everything else is negative
    • Other things I did
      • Generate Savage Blood and Temporal Crystal to feed my main money generators – 2x enchanting hut, mine/herb on 2x, traders when reasonable
      • Missions on 3x toons with minimum of 4 treasure hunters
      • Salvage yard on 2x
      • Trading post – 4 resource Draenic Dust = 1g per Garrison Resource


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Episode 66: Lumpen and Kimmi talk about raid progress and share some must have addons. They also discuss the new tokens along with some other miscellaneous points of interest, including some Gnomish awesomeness.

  • Kimmi’s picture drawn by Faebelina


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Lumpen: @lumpythegnome          Kimmi: @friarkimmi