Episode 71: Lumpen and Kimmi update on raid progress, share their Gnomepressions on Patch 6.2, and chat about other miscellaneous news and odd bits.

  • Raid team update – 8/13 heroic, 13/13 normal
  • Patch 6.2 impressions
    • Tanaan Jungle
      • Reps
        • Hand of the Prophet
        • Order of the Awakened
        • Saberstalkers
      • Dailies
      • Rares
      • Other stuff
    • Flying on Tuesday
      • Leveling plan
      • Whee
  • Playing more Hearthstone than WoW
  • Kimmi notes: meat boy comes to orgrimmar, cata dungeons memories stirred by Illidan, Martin Sheen’s voice!


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